Top Challenges Facing Employee Recruitment and Retention

Wow, what a year it has been! Just when we thought we had a handle on what employees wanted from their employers, the landscape shifted beneath our feet – and kept shifting. HR professionals are working hard to keep up, constantly networking with their peers and keeping an eye on surveys like the Best and […]

Are your Lifestyle Benefits Inclusive? Where DEI and Discount Programs Intersect

Lifestyle benefits are becoming increasingly popular among H.R. professionals as a type of employee perk. These benefits support an employee’s personal goals outside of work, such as financial, health, or education goals.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are crucial in creating a safe and inclusive workplace for employees. H.R. professionals play a vital role in […]

Why Employee Discount Programs Work

As a business leader, it is important to understand employee benefits’ impact on loyalty, engagement, and retention. While traditional benefits such as health and life insurance are important, they may only sometimes be enough to keep employees satisfied and engaged. On the other hand, employee discount programs can significantly impact employee satisfaction and engagement. These […]

Employee Perks & Rewards – What are They and do They Work?

Employee discount programs are a popular benefit offered by many organizations to provide their workers with below-retail prices on merchandise, entertainment, and other perks. These programs vary in scope and design, from a simple program consisting of passing along discounts to employees from local or national merchants to more ambitious programs administered by a service […]

11 Creative Compensation Ideas That Avoid a Wage Increase

Inflation can negatively impact employees’ disposable income, quality of life, and a company’s profitability. One way to address this issue without increasing wages is to offer creative bonuses or benefits. Here are 20 ideas for rewards and benefits that may help alleviate the effects of inflation on your workforce. Inflations Impact on the economy: A […]

Employee Discount Programs Exposed: 10 Crucial Buying Questions

Knowing where to start if you are a business owner or HR professional new to evaluating employee discount programs can be intimidating. There are many things to consider when comparing different programs. In order to make an educated decision, here are some questions to ask when evaluating employee discount programs: How do you compare various […]

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Benefits

Effective ways for employers to help employees accomplish their own most important goals. As a leader, you are responsible for inspiring your employees to work towards the company’s goals. However, it is essential to recognize that employees will always prioritize their goals over the businesses. Furthermore, each employee’s personal goals will be different and diverse. […]

The “Facts” Behind FREE Employee Reward Programs: 8 Things To Consider

It’s natural to gravitate to programs offered for free, but it’s also common to question what the catch might be. Employee discount programs aim to attract and retain employees and foster a positive work environment. While some programs are effective at achieving these goals, others may need to offer more value to maintain employee engagement […]

Booking Engine Search Comparison

Book with us and Save 20% – 50% on your Hotels A Direct Hotel Comparison Speaks Volumes About Our Private Rates. We give you private access to better rates, because the best rates are never on public websites. You’ll know you’re getting the best rate because we show you direct price comparisons with other top […]

Employee Benefits Programs Revealed

For the business owner or HR professional charged with evaluating employee discount programs for the first time, the endeavor can be overwhelming. How do you compare programs? What are the factors you should consider? Why do some programs charge while others don’t? Which program is best suited to meet the needs and unique demographics of […]