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Garrett & Alysha met at business school through an introduction from one of Garrett’s fraternity brothers. They started dating, fell in love, and never looked back. With no kids and no marriage initially, they both progressed quickly through Grad School, each obtaining their MBA’s, with Garrett’s in Architecture and Alysha’s in finance.

The two degrees complimented each other, and, with a loan from Alysha’s parents, they had a vision for starting a boutique design firm that focused on transforming individually owned Airbnb’s, through better design and floor plans, to increase the average daily rent an owner could charge.

It took them a little time to start bringing in clients, but once they got the first one, the ROI that resulted by being able to increase the average daily rent started attracting many more clients. Word of mouth continued to help them grow.

Their business took them all over the US, designing and then overseeing renovation work. So, travel and eating out made up a large part of their life.

Here’s how this Power Couple started using Eat, Play.. Go!™

One day they were heading out to Seattle for two projects. Alysha suggested they reach out to some friends of theirs that lived in Spokane to see if they wanted to meet them in Seattle for a couple of nights after they wrapped up their meetings. Their friends loved the idea and they decided to meet.

Garrett normally took care of booking their travel, so he did what he always did, searched and booked his hotel on one of the big OTA’s like Expedia, Priceline, or, frankly, whichever had the cheapest rate. Here’s what Garrett’s search resulted in him finding:

Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle

Hotel Direct – $1,215.58
Expedia – $1,123.66 – $1,123.65
Priceline – $1,007.98

Garrett’s Search Results

In keeping with his mantra to find the cheapest price, Garrett booked into the Fairmont using Priceline at $1,007.98.

Garrett reached out and texted his friends where they were staying so they could secure their rooms in the same hotel.

While they had very successful meetings with their clients, and landed both accounts, they were really looking forward to taking a couple of days to wind down and see this exciting city with their friends, whom they hadn’t seen for a couple of years.

They met their friends in the lobby bar, had a drink and started catching up on times gone by before they headed out to Chandler’s Crab House, a favorite local Seattle seafood restaurant down on the waterfront. They truly enjoyed their time together that evening, and next day they chartered a boat and went exploring out on Puget Sound.

And Garret’s Big Surprise

On their final morning together, they met for breakfast before heading out for their respective flights home. Garrett asked his friend how they enjoyed the resort, to which they responded, it was awesome. Such a classy place, and we just couldn’t believe the rate we got.

Garrett, being the frugal guy he was, and the one who booked the hotel, couldn’t help but wonder how much they paid. Was there some deal that they got that he wasn’t aware of? Can’t be, he did his homework and he was confident that he got the cheapest rate.

Garrett proudly told his friend that he found a killer deal on Priceline for $1,007.98, and that included both nights, with all taxes, fees, etc. He asked his friend what they paid, and after hearing what Garrett paid, his friend was a little reluctant to tell him. But Garrett couldn’t stand it, and pressed him, so he told him that they paid $681.86, which was like 33% less.

Garrett nearly lost his mind – what? How the heck did you get that price, he asked? I scoured all the major booking sites, and I promise you that if that price was there, I would have found it. Well, his friend told him, that price was not listed on the Public Internet, it was only available through what they call closed user group pricing, but, that you had to have a private subscription to access those rates.

They were not available to the general public.

Now Garrett was really curious. You’re telling me you paid $326.12 less than me, on this one booking, and this rate is somehow private? Yep, his friend told him, but, he added, listen, you can do it too.

This happened to us about a year ago, we were traveling with some friends in New Orleans and they got a much better deal than we did, then they told us how. It’s called Eat, Play… Go!, – it’s a private subscription that is so affordable, I mean, we pay less than $100 a year, and we have access to cheap hotel rates at over 1 million of the top-rated hotels in the world.

So, this isn’t unusual for us at all. Hey, let me do you a favor and I’ll send you a link so you can check it out for free for 7 days. If you like it, join, and start saving money not only on hotels, but they also have all kinds of other discounts like restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, and so much more.

We’ve been in for about a year now, and we’ve saved a small fortune. Give it try, and maybe next time we meet, I won’t have to tell you how we paid so much less than you.

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