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Tamara’s story is not that different from many people living in the US today. Born in Cleveland to an amazing single mother that did her best to raise her and her younger brother, while balancing the responsibilities of working to put bread on the table.

As a result, her mother was away quite often, and Tamara spent much of her childhood having to help take care of her younger brother and herself. But they had love, and that always kept them close.

Tamara’s Back Story

She obtained a scholarship to the local community college, where she graduated with honors. While she had plans to complete her 4-year degree, life took a different turn for her when she met her boyfriend and they had a daughter.

They tried to make a go of it together, but they were young, and as things happen, they split up. She tried to continue with school, but the demands of being a single mother, with the responsibilities of having to provide for her daughter, took priority over her own dreams of having more.

Never being one to just sit back and let life and opportunities pass her by, she was a woman of faith, and she was determined to not only make ends meet, but to provide a better life for herself and her daughter. While attending Sunday services at her church, she ran into an old friend who looked to be doing very well for herself.

They got talking, and she told Tamara that the best thing she ever did was to get her real-estate license. She said it changed everything for her, giving her confidence, and a pretty good income at the same time. Tamara was encouraged and excited about the possibilities, and thought this might be the answer to her prayers.

So, while holding down a day job that barely paid the bills, she got some help from her mother who was able to watch her daughter while she took some night classes to earn her real-estate license. To say she was scared was an understatement, after all, it had been years since she was in a classroom, and she had no idea if she still had what it takes.

Turns out, she had nothing to worry about at all – Tamara graduated after 8 weeks at the top her class, then she passed the state exam. Tamara was now a real-estate agent! She reached out to her friend from church, and was able to put her license with same real-estate broker her friend worked with, and her career had begun.

Turns out that getting her license was just the beginning – now came the hard work, hours and hours of prospecting, cold calling, getting listings, showing properties, courting buyers, negotiating sales terms, continuing education, social media marketing, and learning the financial side of the business – lots to do.

A Turning Point

One day while she was out canvassing with a colleague from her office, they stopped to grab some lunch at a nearby Burger King. Her friend placed an order, and then she showed her phone to the cashier, and she got a free large fry and large drink.

Tamara was like, “Hey, what did you just show them to get that free stuff?”. Her friend told her that she had a subscription to Eat, Play… Go! that saved her money just about every day on food at lots of different restaurants around town, and that she used it all the time because the deals never expire.

I love Burger King, she said, and frankly, I probably use this same coupon twice a week. It’s awesome. How does it work, Tamara asked? It’s really easy, I got a link from a friend of mine that was using it, and I joined for free to see if it worked. Well, it did, and I started saving money, so I joined – it’s inexpensive, and I save so much more than it costs – it’s a no brainer.

“I earn cash with it!” … Tamara’s like, what – cash

But let me tell something really cool – I earn cash with it! Tamara’s like, what – cash? How does that work? Well, I liked it so much that I started sharing it with my family and friends, and then I started sharing it with my real-estate clients, because, not only does it save money on food at restaurants, but they also have truly cheap hotel rates at over 1 million hotels worldwide. I mean, I did some comparisons, and I couldn’t believe the savings – it’s totally real.

So, while I’m not really able to travel in hotels at this point in my life, my clients, friends and family are, and they are all saving big money thanks to me. Better yet, I earn cash for every person that joins using my referral link.

I’ve been doing it for about 5 months, and last month I got a commission of $275. It’s like my own little side hustle. Not only do I save by using it, but I’m earning some pretty nice cash that comes in very handy every month.

Tamara got the link from her friend and joined. Not only did she start using it to save money on her own food right away, she started sharing it with her friends, family, and clients too, and all of a sudden, she started getting paid cash.

She earned $50 her first month, $125 the second month, and the third month she earned enough to treat her daughter to a wonderful day at the Zoo, exploring, learning, and having fun. Tamara has made Eat, Play… Go! a part of her life, and the side hustle income has been something that has been a blessing, continues to grow, and helps balance the ups and downs of life as a real-estate agent, where commissions are sometimes good, and sometimes slow.

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